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My question about Rush: What do Republicans really think about him? I’ll give you my opinion as a member of the Republican party for the past 30 years. Rush Limbaugh does not represent any of my perspectives on any issue, absolutely zero. If he’s considered the “daddy” of the Republican party and Dick Cheney endorses Limbaugh as a “better” Republican than Colin Powell, then the Republican party is in serious trouble.

Sabrina Ferguson
July 6th, 2009 at 4:20 pm

So here are my two cents — he’s an overly egotistical, simple-minded blow hard who represents a hard right group of white male dinosaurs. Scary thought that anyone like him would be empowered to lead . . . and on the other reference, a good thing Dick Cheney didn’t ascend to the Presidency. If he were a kid on the playground, Rush would be the bully that would get attention but in reality would be a very lonely, loathsome creature. What does he do with his wealth . . . who causes does he assist with?


Roxanne and Sabrina cannot be Republicans. If they were, they might say something like they don’t like Limbaugh’s style or the way he communicates his points but they wouldn’t be completely opposed to every position he represents. You don’t have to like the way he conducts his show but on the issues, nobody can deny that he has been completely consistent since day one. Unlike political officials who change positions with the wind, Rush has been completely true to the issues and beliefs that he holds.

The Republican Party would have done far better if they had stuck to their fiscal conservative ideals when they had control of the Congress. But when they went off and spent money like the Democrats because they could, it confirmed some people’s belief that there is no difference between the two parties. So yes… they should have listened to Rush.


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