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What Rush Limbaugh Won’t Tell You About Health Care Reform

By Gordon Nash

We love Rush Limbaugh. That’s why we created this website: we love talking about him and debating the ideas he talks about. However, American consumers are desperately trying to decide who is telling the truth about America’s health care system and proposed health care reforms.

Rumors, speculations,misinformation, misstatements, half-truths, and intentional distortions are wide-spread. One oft-repeated “fact” is how bad the British healthcare system supposedly is.

To help our readers get both sides of the issue, we have decided to include a report from someone knowledgeable about the British Health Service because he actually worked in it.

We decided that we could no longer wait for Rush Limbaugh, “America’s Anchorman” and “Truth Detector,” to level with the American people. We believe that to arrive at a good decision one needs all the facts possible. Then, after careful consideration of all the facts one is more likely to make a wise decision.

Whatever your position on the healthcare reform debate, don’t you agree it’s better to have the whole story before making a decision?

To read a transcript of this PBS interview go here.

Senator CHARLES GRASSLEY (Republican, Iowa): I’ve been told that the brain tumor that Senator Kennedy has, because he’s 77 years old, would not be treated the way it’s treated in the United States. In other words, they say, well, he doesn’t have long to live, even if he’d live another four or five years. They’d say, well, we’ve got to spend the money on people that have more, can contribute more to the economy.

INSKEEP: Okay. Does the British system make that kind of distinction? Here’s an older fellow, you’ve got this treatment that you could give him but it wouldn’t add massively to his life expectancy, so we’ll deny that. Do you do that?

Lord DARZI: Well, I’m sorry to say that’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve heard. I’ve heard that written down but I’ve never heard it in real speech. And the answer to that is absolutely no.

INSKEEP: So, Grassley’s comment is based on nothing, so far as you can say?

Lord DARZI: Absolutely - not just false, these are lies which have been used to set fear against reform.

INSKEEP: Ted Kennedy goes to Britain, he’s a British citizen, he’s going to get full treatment and that treatment is going to be fully paid for. Is that what you’re saying?

Lord DARZI: Absolutely, irrespective of the tumor type as well.

Educate Yourself

Check out this link for another perspective on the healthcare debate that you will not hear from Rush Limbaugh. Meet Maggie Mahar, who says:

What I learned, during those years, is that in our health care system, profits often trump patients. A great many people are selling and selling hard. By law, for-profit corporations are supposed to put their shareholders’ interests first: this means that they must strive to maximize profits. And this goes a long way toward explaining why U.S. healthcare is so expensive.

Visit Maggie Mahar’s blog at HealthBeatBlog.org.

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