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Rush Limbaugh Dropkicked from NFL Bid Group

By Gordon Nash

Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from the group of businessmen seeking to buy the St Louis Rams football team.

Rush Limbaugh’s dream of owning an NFL team is over. CNN reports that sports mogul Dave Checketts, ringleader of the group bidding on the St. Louis Rams that Limbaugh belonged to, released a statement Wednesday announcing that the radio jock would not continue as a limited partner in their group. “It has become clear that his involvement in our group has become a complication and a distraction to our intentions; endangering our bid to keep the team in St. Louis. As such, we have decided to move forward without him,” Checketts said. For the group to successfully purchase the Rams, three-quarters of the NFL’s 32 other owners would need to approve their bid—and the radio host’s myriad enemies and racially charged history were proving to be a liability. Limbaugh had remained stalwart in his bid to the bitter end, announcing early this week, “I am not even thinking of exiting”—but ultimately the decision wasn’t up to him

ESPN ran a video commentary Wednesday on Rush Limbaugh’s failed attempt to join the NFL as an owner.

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