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Listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mr. President. Please.

By Gordon Nash

Good advice is not easy to come by these days.                                                                                                                                                       barack-obama

It has been a long time since this advice was offered by Rush Limbaugh.
To many it may seem like a dim distant memory. But a walk down memory lane may serve us well.

The advice came during the time following the 911 disaster and around the early days of the Iraq War.

Then President George W. Bush enjoyed sky high approval ratings. The country, for the most part, was solidly united behind our leader. We had survived a horrible terrorist attack and now it was payback time for the terrorists.

Our military had swooped into Afghanistan and routed the Taliban in short order.

Next, the president focused on Iraq. In those days, the Iraq War was going well.

Everything that President Bush touched seemed to turn to gold. “Shock and Awe” appeared to be working. Mr. Bush’s legislative agenda was rolling through Congress unimpeded. No democrat dared criticize the popular president.

It was during those days that Rush Limbaugh offered the president this piece of unsolicited advice: “Mr. President, since you can do no wrong you might as well do what’s right.”

By those words Rush meant that since everything the president attempted to do was meeting with success the President might as well carry out his party’s political agenda full bore.

And, Mr. Bush and Karl Rove heeded Limbaugh’s advice. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward seven years.

Now, President Barack Obama enjoys sky high personal and political approval ratings.
He has met, so far at least, with considerable success in imposing his will on the legislative branch of government. Though the Republicans complain they can mount no counter-offensive capable of any reasonable likelihood of success.

In just a few short months Obama has fulfilled many of his campaign promises.

It is time for Barack Obama to heed the advice Rush Limbaugh offered to President Bush: “Mr. President, since you can do no wrong you might as well do what’s right.”

It is time for Barack Obama to earnestly forge ahead with his party’s political agenda while he has the wind at his back. And, while the Republicans are in disarray.

After all, despite what he says now, it’s what Rush Limbaugh expects you to do, Mr. President.

Please, Mr. President. Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s advice to George Bush. Let’s get on with it.

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